Scents and Sensibility - Delhi Duty Free Event with Vir Sanghvi

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Over the years I have developed a love for subtle scents and fragrances. Whether its in form of bath gel,scented candle or a simple bar of soap - I will always be ready to experiment with different fragrances.I have always been intrigued by the beautiful women that I come across in my daily life who smell heavenly - or should I say glamorous. In my mind I have always associated a nice scent with the idea of luxury and glamour.

I was invited to the Scent and Sensibility event hosted by Delhi Duty FreeIt was a night full of fun and I couldn't have been happier to meet everyone who came. The guest speaker was Mr. Vir Sanghvi. He presented interesting details about the process of perfume selection,history of fragrance industry and introduced us all to the magical world of perfumes and scents.

The event location was I-kandy lounge and Bar - Pullman - Gurgaon. We all had a great time listening to Mr. Sanghvi's tips on the art of buying fragrances.Essentially the perfume you wear says a lot about your personality. So its important that you choose the perfect scent for the perfect occasion.

5 tips from Mr. Vir Sanghvi on the art of selecting a Scent  

1) Every woman should have at least 5 fragrances in her collection 
2) Every man should have at least 3 fragrances in his collection
3) Test the perfume on your skin and not on the paper strip 
4) Wear a perfume for about 20 -30 minutes to figure out whether to buy it or not
5) But the fragrance, not the brand 

I also learnt that you can layer scents too - so that you have your own divine brand of fragrance. 

5 Tips on layering your perfume :

1) The strong scent comes first 
2) The subtle one comes after - You can spray it anywhere
3) The fragrance you choose to wear should depend upon the time of the day and the occasion 
4) Test the combination on yourself first 
5) Try to combine complex perfumes with perfumes with base notes like vanilla,musk or wood

Later on we had a fabulous makeover session,drinks at I -kandy and dinner at Pullmans - La Riviera. The interaction sessions with other bloggers made the event so memorable.

Thats me posing for the camera after the makeover session

The group enthralled by the speaker - Mr. Vir Sanghvi 

Thats me having a great makeover session . 

            They also had arranged for a fun quiz - Look at all the winners smiling ! 

Delhi Duty Free was awarded the concession to manage and operate the Duty Free Shops at Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.Delhi duty free has a fabulous collection of luxury items ranging from Perfumes to Cosmetics .

You can take a look at the fabulous range or perfumes here or here 


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